Definition of squamosal in English:



  • The squamous portion of the temporal bone, especially when this forms a separate bone which, in mammals, articulates with the lower jaw.

    • ‘In humans, the otic capsule has fused with the squamosal and various other odds and ends to form the temporal bone.’
    • ‘The squamosals and parietals may also be somewhat pitted.’
    • ‘The posterior part of each alisphenoid forms a triangular process which fits into the angle between the squamosal and the petrosal.’
    • ‘It may also articulate with various dermal bones of the roof or sides of the skull for support, normally the squamosal and parietal.’
    • ‘In syanapsids, a secondary jaw joint develops between the surangular and the squamosal, which becomes the unique mammalian jaw articulation.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin squamosus (from squama ‘scale’) + -al.