Definition of squamocolumnar in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a junction between layers of stratified squamous cells and columnar cells in epithelial tissue.

    • ‘The routine biopsy of a squamocolumnar junction of normal appearance should be discouraged because intestinal metaplasia not within the esophagus does not seem to have the same premalignant potential.’
    • ‘No more than 0.5 mL should be used, and the solution should not be applied to the cervix, vagina, or anal canal where the squamocolumnar junction is prone to dysplastic changes.’
    • ‘The squamocolumnar junction, an area of rapid cell turnover and squamous metaplasia, is the site of this oncogenic transformation.’
    • ‘Schatzki's ring is a web arising from the mucosa at the squamocolumnar mucosal junction.’
    • ‘We measured the distance from the squamocolumnar junction to the most proximal parietal cells identified.’