Definition of squamate in English:



  • A reptile of the large order Squamata; a snake, lizard, or worm lizard.

    • ‘In contrast, most species of squamates (lizards and snakes) are larger at lower latitudes.’
    • ‘Visitors can visit the exhibition online to explore the astonishing diversity of squamates.’
    • ‘I modified behavioral experiments from previous studies of chemoreceptive behavior in squamates.’
    • ‘Some squamates, like iguanas, rely heavily on vision to locate food, and use their pliable tongues to grab it.’
    • ‘Humans and giraffes have seven neck vertebrae, while many squamates have eight.’


  • Relating to or denoting squamates.

    • ‘In viviparous squamates, placental transfer of organic and inorganic nutrients is widespread, if not universal.’
    • ‘As evidenced by the articles in this volume, a recent increase in interest in the mating systems of poikilothermic vertebrates has focused primarily on fishes, a few amphibians, and squamate reptiles.’
    • ‘Vidal and Hedges collected and analyzed the largest genetic data set ever assembled for the scaly reptiles known as squamates.’
    • ‘Some squamate reptiles appear to have relatively slow cellular immune responses compared with mammals.’
    • ‘Chromoviral distribution has been analyzed in 15 reptilian species, including representatives of crocodiles, turtles, and squamates.’