Definition of spy plane in English:

spy plane


  • A military aircraft engaged in secret surveillance activity.

    • ‘Spy planes are no longer limited to military use.’
    • ‘McCausland had called 1,000 troops and 1,000 police officers onto the streets, backed up with helicopters, spy planes, six water cannon and a field hospital.’
    • ‘Highlighting the tensions between the two neighbors, India on Sunday shot down what is says was an unmanned Pakistani spy plane over Kashmir.’
    • ‘CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers carried a cyanide capsule with him on missions when he flew the U - 2 spy plane over former Soviet Union territory.’
    • ‘US spy planes spotted Soviet nuclear installations on the island of Cuba - only 90 miles from Florida.’
    • ‘For weeks, the U. S. has been flying U-2 spy planes and drones over the mountains to gather intelligence.’
    • ‘The U.S. spy plane that was forced to land in China provides a good example of the need for electronic kill-switch capabilities.’
    • ‘After taking office, his initial tough stance following the collision between a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet confirmed his hard-line instincts.’
    • ‘The one thing that Iran learns from the release of this story is that it is being monitored by U - 2 spy planes.’
    • ‘The new location reportedly has better security - from ground-based intruders to spy planes.’
    • ‘The Balkans War and the capture of a US spyplane in China both saw hackers for both sides go into action.’
    • ‘We see him in the sights of the spy plane.’
    • ‘When the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was bombed, during SARS, when the US spy plane came down.’
    • ‘The stolen secrets included proximity fuses used by the Soviets to shoot down the U-2 spy plane of Francis Gary Powers, one of the Cold War's most explosive events.’
    • ‘The report has put the Government under intense pressure over defence spending by highlighting the deteriorating condition of the ageing spy planes.’
    • ‘How an American spy plane flying in Chinese air space managed to collide with a Chinese fighter jet has yet to be explained.’
    • ‘Remote-control spy planes fly overhead relaying images from the streets back to police.’
    • ‘Spy planes such as this nuclear sniffer, are already flying overhead, and satellites are trained on the region, 24 / 7.’
    • ‘On October 16 a bomb packed into a truck exploded outside a Colombian military base, damaging a US spy plane which was parked inside.’
    • ‘The new spy plane for the Army and the Navy will be a military version of this Brazilian regional jet.’