Definition of spruit in English:



South African
  • A small watercourse, typically dry except during the rainy season.

    • ‘The house was surrounded by veld, with a spruit flowing out of the dam, and a long tree-lined avenue running from the present day Beyers Naude Drive to the house.’
    • ‘The lack of health facilities presented an immediate risk to life, as did the possibility of contracting water-borne diseases from the spruit that flowed through the property.’
    • ‘The spruit that flows through the zoo rises near Valley Road in Parktown.’
    • ‘The spruit is considered by some to be the longest tributary of the Limpopo, usually the criterion for sourcing and naming a river.’
    • ‘If you look closer, you'll see that a myriad of small streams or spruits, trickle through the suburbs, particularly the northern suburbs.’


Dutch; related to sprout.