Definition of springtime in English:



  • The season of spring.

    ‘the sounds of lambing in springtime’
    figurative ‘he was entering the springtime of life’
    • ‘Once out I shiver from the cold, it's almost springtime and it's still freezing outside.’
    • ‘While resolutions are traditionally reserved for January, springtime is probably a better choice.’
    • ‘Ah, springtime, that time when a young man's fancy turns to love.’
    • ‘In springtime, I'd leave the windows open to let the breeze in.’
    • ‘Raised beds are ideal so that water drains quickly and the soil warms earlier in the springtime.’
    • ‘Many of the flowers that you connect with springtime are actually bulb flowers, planted back in fall.’
    • ‘El Niño or not, it's springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and the tulips and daffodils are poking up around our toes.’
    • ‘It's springtime, and among other things that means baseball.’
    • ‘The age would see transformations in the lives of women which Victoria could never have imagined in the dazzling springtime of her reign.’
    • ‘So, crocuses and daffodils need to be planted in early fall because they're the first to bloom in springtime.’
    • ‘We then talk about the birds arriving because it's springtime and the weather has become warmer.’
    • ‘Paris in the springtime, staying in a wonderful hotel - what more could you want for a long weekend?’
    • ‘With springtime dawning once again it's hard not to thinks of parks, gardens and being outdoors in nature.’
    • ‘During the springtime, early summer and fall, the park's streams are crowded with anglers.’
    • ‘Come springtime, birds everywhere are busy nesting and reproducing.’
    • ‘Freedom from children also means liberation from school-holiday travel - great news, because Greece in the springtime is pure enchantment.’
    • ‘There's plenty of clichés about Paris in the springtime that are true.’
    • ‘Met Office forecasters are predicting a dry springtime.’
    • ‘This would be the time to have a camera ready to capture the sights and the memories of springtime in the mountains.’
    • ‘Statistics show that springtime brings an increase in the number of mishaps involving outdoor activities and vacation travel.’
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