Definition of Spring Festival in English:

Spring Festival


  • another name for Chinese New Year
    • ‘In China, Chinese New Year is called the Spring Festival.’
    • ‘A Beijing opera brought out people's dancing spirit in the third Greenwich Chinese Spring Festival.’
    • ‘On China's Spring Festival Eve, typically a time when families gather for home-cooked meals, 30 % of Beijing's families feasted in restaurants last year.’
    • ‘While I was there, the Chinese were celebrating the Spring Festival.’
    • ‘It was a freezing Chinese Spring Festival, and although the streets were largely empty and most of the shops shut, one sensed its coiled, irrepressible energy.’
    • ‘Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year as well as The Spring Festival.’
    • ‘In the north, dumplings called jiaozi are served at the Spring Festival and other special occasions.’
    • ‘Many migrant workers throughout China are now preparing to rejoin their families during the Chinese Spring Festival, which starts in mid-February.’
    • ‘The largest festival of the year is the celebration of the new year or Spring Festival, whose date varies, falling between mid-January and mid-February.’
    • ‘New Year visits are very popular during the Spring Festival.’
    • ‘The Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance are performed on the Spring Festival.’
    • ‘The Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year) lasts about a week, from January 21 to February 20.’
    • ‘The most important is the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, between January 21 and February 20.’
    • ‘The Spring Festival occurs between January 21 and February 20 on the Western calendar.’
    • ‘During the Spring Festival - China's holiday of holidays, when work stops for seven days in a row - almost the entire nation heads for home.’
    • ‘The grandmother from Sichuan Province laments that, "in the past, people were poor so they looked forward to the Spring Festival when they could have good food and put on new clothes."’
    • ‘"The Guangzhou government was worried that reports would make people worried and affect the economy during the time of the Spring Festival," he said.’
    • ‘Spring Festival (chun jie), or Chinese New Year, is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar, and the time when families are reunited, often for weeks of feasting and relaxation.’
    • ‘The Chinese Spring Festival, or New Year, occurs between January 21 and February 20 on the Western calendar.’
    • ‘The Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival and thus the name of the rolls, which are made from rice flour and are pre-cooked.’