Definition of spray-dry in English:



[with object]
  • Dry (a foodstuff or a ceramic material) by spraying particles of it into a current of hot air, the water in the particles being rapidly evaporated.

    ‘the essential feature in spray-drying eggs is the avoidance of scorching’
    • ‘Cheap ready-mades are often made out of 100% soya flour and the flavour is spray-dried onto the finished baits.’
    • ‘The final whey protein concentrate is warmed and spray-dried to achieve whey protein powder.’
    • ‘The protein curds are then dipped into another alkaline solution and spray-dried at extremely high temperatures.’
    • ‘In the case of factory production, a total of 60 kg of ingredients was boiled with 700 liters of water for about 60 minutes and was spray-dried from the decoction.’
    • ‘The 1,200 mg extract was obtained by decocting the crude drugs in 80 ml of boiling water for an hour, after which the decoction was filtered and spray-dried.’
    • ‘The condensed deproteinized whey is crystallized, agitated, then spray-dried.’
    • ‘After evaporation, the whey is spray-dried in one of two dryers, first to a 15 percent moisture content at 450 degrees, then slowly to 4 percent.’
    • ‘Its cultured dairy powders are gently spray-dried to maintain culture activity.’
    • ‘The sweet whey left over when cheese is made from whole milk is easier to spray-dry than the acid whey which is the residue of cheese-making with skimmed milk; but both can be so treated.’