Definition of spotted hyena in English:

spotted hyena


  • A southern African hyena which has a greyish-yellow to reddish coat with irregular dark spots, and a loud laughing call.

    Crocuta crocuta, family Hyaenidae

    • ‘The calving lures many animals of prey, including lions and spotted hyena.’
    • ‘They can eat up to 40% of their body weight in a sitting, which is only equalled by the spotted hyena in South Africa.’
    • ‘Their enemies are lion, leopard, spotted hyena, wild dog and crocodile.’
    • ‘Back at the campsite, spotted hyenas and dassies can be seen at dusk and into the night.’
    • ‘Like societies of many other gregarious mammals, social groups of spotted hyenas are structured by linear dominance hierarchies.’