Definition of spotted dick in English:

spotted dick


mass nounBritish
  • A suet pudding containing currants.

    • ‘Treacle pudding, syrup sponge and spotted dick - all with a generous flood of custard - are some of the most comforting puddings.’
    • ‘The diet of spam fritters, mashed swede, spotted dick and lumpy custard on which the spoiled young modern teenagers find themselves having to survive in That'll Teach 'Em sounds right, she admits.’
    • ‘So I can only report that these include spotted dick and sticky toffee pudding and eight flavours of ice cream.’
    • ‘I'm a Yorkshire lad born and bred, raised on Sunday roasts, meat pies and fab desserts such as arctic roll and spotted dick.’
    • ‘From spotted dick and jam roly-poly to rhubarb crumble or Eve's pudding, these dishes have inspired odes of joy over the centuries and are still capable of making strong men and women weak at the knees.’
    • ‘They continue to be indispensable ingredients for such items as spotted dick, Eccles cakes, and Scottish black bun.’
    • ‘This has sticky toffee pudding, syrup sponge, double chocolate pudding, spotted dick, and jam roly-poly, all served with cream, ice cream or custard.’
    • ‘Now if only something can be done about spotted dick and bangers and mash.’
    • ‘In the meantime, just swear to me that you won't tell him tonight's dessert is really called spotted dick.’
    • ‘After several more unsuccessful attempts where everyone burst out laughing, Noah managed to order spotted dick by pointing to it on the menu.’
    • ‘Our once famously awful British food has been transformed: pizza and panini are on sale at every corner, while you must hunt to find a suet pudding or a spotted dick.’
    • ‘If food at home was simple and basic, food at school was vile: gristly stews, egg substitute, watery cabbage, semolina, and spotted dick drowned in custard.’
    • ‘I think anyone who deliberately prevents their child from eating things like spotted dick, fish & chips, and wine gums is right on the brink of cruelty anyway.’
    • ‘Sales of spotted dick had gone up by 120 per cent.’
    • ‘Christmas pudding only managed 13th place but was still ahead of rivals such as spotted dick in 15th, Bakewell tart in 19th and summer pudding in 21st and last place.’
    • ‘A spotted dick is an indigestible English boiled pudding containing flour, sugar, suet and raisins, traditionally served in schools with lumpy, cornflour-based custard.’
    • ‘Puddings will include bread and butter pudding and spotted dick.’
    • ‘Items on the dessert menu - which included raspberry meringue, banana split, New York cheesecake, spotted dick and treacle sponge - were very tempting, but the other courses unfortunately left no room.’
    • ‘And who wouldn't take pleasure in making a dessert with a name like jam roly-poly or famous spotted dick, which it turned out was only a simple steamed spice cake with raisins.’
    • ‘Puddings - apple crumble, treacle roly-poly and spotted dick, served with custard, cream or vegan ice cream - cost £1.50.’


spotted dick