Definition of spotless in English:



  • 1Absolutely clean or pure; immaculate.

    ‘a spotless white apron’
    • ‘He lives with Shane, his nine-year-old daughter, who is so clean and spotless, you wonder who does the ironing.’
    • ‘The minimum they will expect to see is a spotless home in good condition.’
    • ‘It is spotless with fantastic colors, cavernous blacks, and beautiful contrast and detail.’
    • ‘The tiles on the floor, although spotless, are all awry.’
    • ‘All the while, they keep their designer clothes clean and spotless.’
    • ‘This could be a spotless home, a hospital, a studio set, a dreamscape or an insane asylum.’
    • ‘Their rudimentary shelters are spotless, and for church on Sundays the congregation is always neatly dressed, attentive and devout.’
    • ‘At one factory the university team visited in Mexico, the factory manager wanted to guarantee that the inspectors would find his factory spotless.’
    • ‘Nothing of the urban sprawl so common to the American south infests its spotless streets and trendy shops.’
    • ‘Kohl's stores are spotless and are organized according to logical department-to-department adjacencies, he said.’
    • ‘After a two-month renovation and deep cleaning, McCann's petite third-floor gallery is spotless.’
    • ‘People's clothes are spotless and neatly pressed, and the buildings and streets look to hardly have any wear on them at all.’
    • ‘The rooms are spotless, the couples immaculately dressed.’
    • ‘He hadn't bargained for the amount of effort it would take to keep the house absolutely spotless at all times.’
    • ‘Thankfully the print that has been sourced is spotless.’
    • ‘You go into the refugees' flats and they are spotless.’
    • ‘The first five of the films are black and white, and all look sharp and virtually spotless with the exception of an occasional vertical line.’
    • ‘He has a little two-bedroom house that he keeps spotless.’
    • ‘She was amazed at how dirty he was, and he caught her looking down at her own spotless clothes.’
    • ‘Gallagher also stresses the importance of having spotless kitchens and bathrooms.’
    perfectly clean, ultra-clean, pristine, immaculate, shining, shiny, gleaming, spick and span
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    1. 1.1 Without faults or moral blemishes; pure.
      ‘spotless behaviour is seemingly the norm in his organization’
      • ‘Levitt's father's was a longtime controller of the state of New York, a liberal with a spotless record.’
      • ‘Although two-thirds of borrowers must be given the ‘headline’ typical rate, you might not qualify if your credit history isn't spotless or you don't fit the lender's ideal customer profile.’
      • ‘He does not believe that anyone who looks and acts as innocent as Tess could be anything but spotless.’
      • ‘A spotless reputation one minute, one marred by question marks the next - one disaster can quickly plunge even the most revered of companies into jeopardy.’
      • ‘That could be a debt-free college degree, money to live overseas for a year, the down payment on a house, cash to buy an engagement ring or a spotless credit report.’
      • ‘The rate that you receive may be higher if your credit history isn't spotless, or your credit score is lower than the lender's ideal score.’
      • ‘Its hero is spotless, driven, strong and determined.’
      • ‘Kleist meant to show how social values having to do with honor and the ideal of spotless virtue become destructive when they take the place of simple familial trust and affection.’
      • ‘Some of America's top company builders - spotless reputations on the line - are trying to apply the entrepreneurial Midas touch to the problems that beset this cobwebbed corner of the economy.’
      • ‘In addition, manage your personal affairs conservatively and keep your professional record spotless.’
      • ‘Petite, innocent Shirley was naïve, high-strung, and terribly afraid of soiling her spotless reputation.’
      • ‘The Lions' performance in the first test in Christchurch was ghastly at best, while the All Blacks were, given the conditions, spotless.’
      unblemished, unsullied, untarnished, untainted, unstained, pure, as pure as the driven snow, whiter than white, lily-white, flawless, immaculate, impeccable, faultless, blameless, guiltless, sinless, unimpeachable, irreproachable, above reproach
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