Definition of spot meter in English:

spot meter


  • A photometer that measures the intensity of light received within a cone of small angle, usually 2° or less.

    • ‘The only other advice that I can think of is to use the spot meter.’
    • ‘I set my spot meter to an iso of 3 (that's as slow as it will go), meter the shadows that I want in zone 3, and actually have to either open it up a stop, or increase exposure time by a stop.’
    • ‘All the features used to get sharp images with the Fuji S602Z are on the Fuji S7000: control of exposure modes, spot meter, dedicated exposure compensation button, manual focusing ring, real-time exposure histogram.’
    • ‘I was just experimenting with some tips Russ gave me last weekend on using the spot meter, and am quite happy with the results here.’