Definition of spot advertising in English:

spot advertising


mass noun
  • Television advertising occupying a short break during or between programmes.

    • ‘Since RTÉ had a TV monopoly, it could effectively charge what it liked for spot advertising.’
    • ‘While the commercial break on TV is frequently more entertaining than the programming, so-called spot advertising on radio is at worst an embarrassment and at best subliminal and inoffensive.’
    • ‘Without this customized system we would not tie our market together for national and regional spot advertising.’
    • ‘Among these, perhaps the most original of these is Superga which has recently begun using high-impact spot advertising as well.’
    • ‘The pressures exerted by spot advertising are less direct but no less damaging to diversity.’
    • ‘And if you look at the successes of Miramax and Lions Gate, you'll see long-legged promotion and publicity efforts that culminate in aggressive spot advertising.’
    • ‘But that won't happen if cash-starved PBS and NPR outlets are required, as some propose, to rely on the same sort of thirty-second spot advertising that dominates commercial broadcasting.’