Definition of sports jacket in English:

sports jacket

(US sport jacket, sports coat)


  • A man's jacket resembling a suit jacket, for informal wear.

    • ‘My wardrobe consists mostly of polo suits and sports coats (some with two buttons) from the '80s and early '90s, and pleated pants.’
    • ‘I own a couple of two-button suits and sports coats, which I haven't worn for several years.’
    • ‘A man stepped out of the nearer door wearing jeans and a sports coat.’
    • ‘Despite the cooler weather, light colors such as camel are showing up everywhere you look, on everything from sports jackets to entire suits.’
    • ‘When the weather gets colder, if you wear a suit or sport jacket, get a cashmere jacket.’
    • ‘Button-down collared shirts are sporty and should be worn with sports jackets.’
    • ‘In addition to actual jean jackets, denim sports jackets are also all the rage in fashionable circles.’
    • ‘The Huntsman collection includes suits, sports coats, overcoats, blazers, shirts and ties: time-honoured essentials of the smartly-attired gentleman about town and country.’
    • ‘At dinnertime, we all wore sports coats and ties, and the dining room table was set with a white linen table-cloth.’
    • ‘Men can wear either a dark suit or a tuxedo, but no sports jackets please.’
    • ‘Tweed sports jackets are all the rage, and the best part is that you don't need to worry about matching patterns when it comes to blazers and button-down shirts.’
    • ‘Still, there are far too many men wearing sports jackets - or even worse, suits - for this place to be considered cool.’
    • ‘Ann had picked him out a sport jacket, more shirts than he thought was necessary, a bunch of jeans (also baggy), and a belt.’
    • ‘Dark trousers, white shirt, and tie (as well as a sport jacket or sweater when the weather is not too hot), black shoes, and dark socks are required.’
    • ‘People hadn't worn sports coats and khakis since 2000.’
    • ‘He'll also want to make sure that his button-down shirts and sport jackets are perfectly pressed.’
    • ‘He took to wearing thrift store sports coats over the shirts.’
    • ‘To make your upper body look more muscular, wear small shoulder pads in your blazers, jackets and sports jackets.’
    • ‘In this case, I bought two suits and a sport jacket, which I had shipped to my office.’
    • ‘You have to shave, and wear a sport jacket, and stay on one subject for three minutes!’


sports jacket