Definition of sports drink in English:

sports drink


  • A soft drink containing electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride, and a high percentage of sugar, designed to restore energy during or after sporting activity or strenuous exercise.

    • ‘Some people consume more calories in their sports drinks than they burn in their workouts.’
    • ‘Eat a banana, drink fruit juices, or drink a sports drink that provides electrolytes.’
    • ‘She rang up the gum and the sports drink with a sort of violent finality.’
    • ‘The group is bullish on the prospects for the sports drink that has already captured 16 per cent of the Irish market.’
    • ‘They also recently developed a sports drink aimed specifically at athletes competing in hot weather.’
    • ‘They may be renewing their month's supply of energy bars or sports drinks.’
    • ‘Give small amounts of fluids (water or sports drink) every 15 minutes.’
    • ‘Sports drinks, which help restore lost sodium, can help, too.’
    • ‘Sip throughout the race and strive for a 3:1 water to sports drink ratio in order to maintain electrolyte balance.’
    • ‘They ran faster, longer and more efficiently before becoming fatigued after having the sports drink.’
    • ‘This is where bottled sports drinks come into play.’
    • ‘Many walkers, finding the taste rather strong, will mix water and sports drinks half-and-half.’
    • ‘Plus, some enhanced waters and sports drinks contain as much as 70 calories per 8-ounce serving.’
    • ‘I get up at 4.15 am, have a bowl of Cornflakes and a high-salt sports drink, like Lucozade, to prevent dehydration.’
    • ‘Also, if you work out in the morning and don't like to eat beforehand, a sports drink is better than nothing.’
    • ‘Maybe the particular brand of sports drink you like is not available in your local store.’
    • ‘They're useful if you'll be doing long workouts and sweating a lot but are concerned about the calories in traditional sports drinks.’
    • ‘I usually run 6 - 10 miles at a time, and when I do I take along a sports drink.’
    • ‘Taking in electrolytes through fruit or sports drinks can help alleviate this.’
    • ‘With the help of a few famous patients, he has brought a winning new sports drink to the market.’