Definition of sports day in English:

sports day


  • An occasion on which the pupils of a school compete in various races and athletic events.

    • ‘Once upon a time grasstrack racing was very much part and parcel of sports days in this country and there's probably a sizeable market for its return.’
    • ‘Only two actors can work today because the rest have to take part in a school sports day.’
    • ‘Table tennis and badminton were also played and we had swimming and athletic sports days.’
    • ‘Running was never her thing, now she was in the same situation as she was at sports day; only losing in sports day meant you got no prizes, losing here meant a death penalty.’
    • ‘‘You also need numbers to create an atmosphere on sports days,’ she said.’
    • ‘In 1892 a tennis club was formed and in 1897 the forest school held a gala sports day to celebrate sixty years of Queen Victoria's reign.’
    • ‘Throughout Sunday, we watched these superb athletes striving to achieve their best, and I remembered sports days past at my kids' schools.’
    • ‘I placed the bottle back next to the picture of our sports day, the day I thought I nearly lost my life.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when school and college sports days were gala affairs even in villages.’
    • ‘The film shows boys and girls going through physical exercises, gym work, football and a sports day.’
    • ‘This was also the era of traditional sports days, processions and carnivals.’
    • ‘The aim of the initiative is to emphasise the importance of sport and exercise and support young teamwork in sport, whilst taking the hassle out of organising school sports days for teachers.’
    • ‘Tim was extremely tall and thin with dark hair and long limbs that assured he always won the high jump at school sports day by several inches.’
    • ‘The sports heats are coming on again, as sports day draws nearer.’
    • ‘There may be times when one of you feels left out of family life - perhaps you're at work and miss the big changes as your child walks and talks, or you can't get to the school play or sports day.’
    • ‘It can be so embarrassing, especially when Dad turns up at the school sports day in a helicopter and the security guards start frisking the other parents; it's just so totally not cool.’
    • ‘All the same, she and the rest of the girls were passionately looking forward to the passing-out parade, a kind of school open day, graduation and sports day thrown into one.’
    • ‘Children's outdoor school activities, like sports days and outings, can now be called off if the wicked sun is out.’
    • ‘To many corporate workers, becoming self-employed conjures up images of laptops in the garden, family meal times at 6pm on the dot and never missing a school sports day.’
    • ‘As we glared at each other I clenched my teeth and started to breath in and out like I'd just sprinted the two hundred metres on sports day.’


sports day