Definition of sport utility in English:

sport utility

(also sport utility vehicle)


  • A high-performance four-wheel-drive vehicle.

    • ‘Just another way of fitting in, Stick had chosen a red car, instead of the customary black van or sport utility vehicle.’
    • ‘Hence the new Mercedes sport utility vehicle parked at his family home.’
    • ‘Car giant Ford has instigated a recall of 110,000 Explorer and Mountaineer sport utility vehicles because of a programming glitch in the car's cruise control equipment.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that if car buyers in this country wanted the highest-mileage vehicles, there would be no demand for sport utility vehicles and other low-gas-mileage automobiles.’
    • ‘Next year it will widen its range with the 6-series coupé and X3 sport utility, followed by a small car known as the 1-series.’
    • ‘He had considered buying a sport utility vehicle when he had last gone car shopping, but had heard in the news that more than a few had a tendency to flip over when their tires went flat.’
    • ‘Granted, women drive most of the sport utilities I see on the road.’
    • ‘Toyota 4Runners have stayed close to the definition of a real SUV or rather the original sport utilities - pickups with enclosed bodies.’
    • ‘Virtually every car company offers a sport utility of some sort and consumers have a myriad of choices.’
    • ‘This facility will create seat systems for Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator - two of Ford Motor Co.'s most popular sport utility vehicles.’
    • ‘The girls fled in the grandparents' sport utility vehicle.’
    • ‘Last year's aggressively styled Pontiac Aztek sport utility, for example, was derided as garish.’
    • ‘The American obsession with the sport utility vehicle is one I still do not understand.’
    • ‘Or wouldn't you like to drive one of those new sport utility vehicles around the city?’
    • ‘A ball that massive and fast can have devastating effects on buildings, sport utility vehicles, and other objects when fired at close range in urban operations.’
    • ‘Participants utilize specially equipped sport utility vehicles, dirt bikes, and trucks to carry them through the harsh road to Dakar.’
    • ‘That's why people moved to sport utility vehicles.’
    • ‘The strategy also involves a growing focus on sport utilities, pick-ups and crossover vehicles as well as continuing reliance on European production facilities in Britain and Spain.’
    • ‘That's one of the reasons why seats are mounted higher in sport utilities than in minivans.’
    • ‘While the U.S. market was in a love affair with pickups and sport utility vehicles, management and technical resources were pulled out of the more competitive European market to cut costs.’