Definition of sporran in English:



  • A small pouch worn around the waist so as to hang in front of the kilt as part of men's Scottish Highland dress.

    • ‘The shop window display of kilts, sporrans and skean-dhu daggers proclaimed that here was a York shop for York people.’
    • ‘After opening the centre, it will launch what it claims is the first Highland clothing label encompassing kilts, sporrans, jackets, and shoes.’
    • ‘He was about to place it in his sporran when a shot crashed through the darkness, hitting the body beside him.’
    • ‘But it now seems that the news of a new director has calmed the ruffled kilts and sporrans, and there is peace in the glens once more.’
    • ‘Still, she's insistent that the sporran is a unisex accessory.’
    • ‘In proper Scottish fashion, the Knight is bare beneath his sporran and stripes.’
    • ‘A sporran on its own is about $200, for instance.’
    • ‘The enthusiasts turn up in kilts and sporrans.’
    • ‘Iain was dressed in his traditional dress: a white dress shirt, a kilt, sporran, and plaid.’
    • ‘Besides the sporran, which dates back to 1890 and is accompanied by a photograph of Lauder wearing it, Johnstone is selling a silver cigar box and two silver cups that once belonged to the entertainer.’
    • ‘The sporran cost me £10 from a shop near Edinburgh Castle.’
    • ‘The choir would have looked so good in kilts and sporrans.’
    • ‘Thought to have originated in the 16th century, the sporran was a purse originally made for carrying food such as oats.’
    • ‘Passing each one, he fingered their kilts and sporrans until he reached Sergeant Thomas Campbell and grew more inquisitive.’
    • ‘What of the sporran, the little leather pouch worn with the plaid?’
    • ‘Meanwhile, dig out your sporrans, because the Taps is celebrating St Andrew's Day in full Scottish style on November 30.’
    • ‘There are also two kilt shops, with Highland regalia for sale or hire, their windows dressed in swathes of tartan and accessories, dirks, sporrans and brogues.’
    bag, purse, wallet, sack, sac, pocket, container, receptacle
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Mid 18th century: from Scottish Gaelic sporan.