Definition of sporogony in English:



mass nounZoology
  • The asexual process of spore formation in parasitic sporozoans.

    • ‘Africa, as is widely known, is a generally hot continent, and so is particularly susceptible to more rapid sporogony.’
    • ‘In at least two, widely divergent systems, electron-dense extracellular tubules have been observed surrounding developing spores during sporogony.’
    • ‘The completion of the sporogony takes between 7 days to 8 weeks, depending on the parasite species, the nature of the vector and, more importantly, the environmental conditions, particularly temperature and relative humidity.’
    • ‘The enveloped sporogony is endogenous in spore sacs of sporont origin, daughter cells are formed by vacuolation.’
    • ‘Sporozoites, the product of sporogony, migrate to the salivary glands and are injected into the bloodstream when a mosquito bites a person.’