Definition of sporocyst in English:



  • 1A parasitic fluke in the initial stage of infection in a snail host, developed from a miracidium.

    • ‘These daughter sporocysts, containing encysted metacercariae, were then voided in the feces of the snail.’
    • ‘Second, it can encyst inside a daughter sporocyst as a metacercariae, be voided with the sporocyst, and then be consumed by the benthic-feeding definitive host, rosyside dace.’
    • ‘Primary sporocysts were obtained after overnight axenic culture of miracidia as described.’
    • ‘Eggs are produced and hatch inside the daughter sporocysts, releasing free-swimming miracidia.’
    • ‘Once it reaches the final site, the larva transforms into a sporocyst, which is little more than an amorphous, germinal sac.’
    1. 1.1 (in parasitic sporozoans) an encysted zygote in an invertebrate host.