Definition of spontaneously in English:



  • 1As a result of a sudden impulse and without premeditation.

    ‘the crowd spontaneously burst into song’
    • ‘At many of these events, advanced students spontaneously improvise solos or duets based on a theme given by audience members.’
    • ‘Rohmer's characters are thinkers and are not inclined to act spontaneously.’
    • ‘Their mean-spirited classmates end up clapping spontaneously as the boys beat all the odds.’
    • ‘Monet's works are small, informal in composition, freely and spontaneously painted, showing everyday scenes treated in bright colour.’
    • ‘Later, more spontaneously, he mentions the impact of Eisenstein.’
    without being asked, of one's own accord, voluntarily, on impulse, impulsively, on the spur of the moment, extempore, extemporaneously
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    1. 1.1 Without apparent external cause or stimulus.
      ‘a surprising number of early pregnancies spontaneously abort’
      ‘mutations can occur spontaneously’
      • ‘Toughened glass is very strong, but has been known to fracture spontaneously due to nickel sulphide inclusions.’
      • ‘A large number of infections disappear spontaneously without any treatment.’
      • ‘When mesmeric patients awake spontaneously, they continually ascribe their waking to their first sensation, or even to something imagined.’
      • ‘It's pyrophoric, meaning that it can spontaneously combust with a little bit of oxygen and some heat.’
      • ‘The dehydration step occurs spontaneously under acid conditions.’
      without thinking, automatically, unthinkingly, involuntarily, instinctively
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