Definition of sponge bag in English:

sponge bag


  • A toilet bag.

    • ‘He arrived hours later with a huge case, the contents being four bras (no knickers), one nightdress he had retrieved from the laundry bin and an old sponge bag of his containing a razor and shaving cream.’
    • ‘I hate packing, it makes my natural tendency towards anticipatory anxiety all the worse, but the excitement of having a new sponge bag is strangely comforting.’
    • ‘So if I happen to forget my sponge bag while I'm travelling, I'll never have to fear body odour.’
    • ‘All that may sound like an immense amount, but if you take them out of their bulky packaging they will pack into your sponge bag relatively easily.’
    • ‘We camped amid the pews, an ex-con and a hugely pregnant aristocrat waddling backwards and forwards to the public loos with her sponge bag.’
    • ‘My sponge bag and a bottle of water were taken from me as I pushed my way in.’


sponge bag