Definition of spoliate in English:



[with object]formal
  • Rob of something; plunder.

    ‘the slogan was purely a cover to spoliate ecclesiastical endowments’
    • ‘The claimant has reason to believe that named family members had bank accounts spoliated in France during the war and not restored after the war.’
    • ‘To confiscate this property would be to spoliate the laity.’
    • ‘The problem with many of these cases is the evidence is spoliated at such an early date.’
    • ‘I do mind spoliating education by applying money less efficiently where it might be applied more efficiently.’
    • ‘Bonaparte was spoliating the Pope.’
    pillage, loot, rob, raid, ransack, strip, fleece, ravage, lay waste, devastate, maraud, sack, rape
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Early 18th century: from Latin spoliat- ‘spoilt’, from the verb spoliare ‘strip, deprive’.