Definition of spokesmodel in English:



North American
  • An attractive and stylishly dressed person, especially a young woman, who advertises or promotes something.

    • ‘Garcia made no mention of auditioning doggie spokesmodels for the upcoming commercials, but aspiring young canines should update their portfolios just in case.’
    • ‘‘There is extremely high recognition in corporate America of how important these spokesmodels are to this younger, urban mind-set because the African American market has more dollars in the market than they've ever had,’ she explains.’
    • ‘And remember this season when the girls had to pretend to be spokesmodels for a line of cosmetics, and Janice yelled at them for not being able to sell cosmetics?’
    • ‘‘I act as the glamorous spokesmodel,’ Newmark says.’
    • ‘So it's been a long day at the trade show: the crowds, the life-sized chipmunks, the spokesmodels in skimpy little dresses.’
    • ‘If I ever decide to sell this stuff, Colleen is going to be the spokesmodel!’
    • ‘They use real footage of a dead firefighter being carried from the rubble, and then hire two spokesmodels to pretend to be firemen in a ‘firehouse.’’
    • ‘Mr. Mathissen needs a spokesmodel for the station and I promised him I would find the perfect woman!’
    • ‘And in between acts, earnest spokesmodels touted the latest in consumer products that would enable you to conform to the rigors of post-war affluence.’
    • ‘My hands are so soft and tender from avoidance of manual toil that I could be a spokesmodel for overpriced emollients.’
    • ‘But her character quickly devolved into this shy, demure, hair care product spokesmodel, leaving Buck with little choice but to go off and hunt for guest stars to spar with.’
    • ‘Its rise to popularity has been attributed to a marketing strategy that included the use of scantily clad spokesmodels.’