Definition of spokeshave in English:



  • A small plane with a handle on each side of its blade, used for shaping curved surfaces (originally wheel spokes).

    • ‘Likewise, members could make videos of groups of tools (gauges, planes, saws, drawknives, and spokeshaves) demonstrating their use.’
    • ‘However, this is not the only outfit deploying the block plane and spokeshave.’
    • ‘Flakes with concavities exhibiting steep, unifacial retouch (‘spokeshaves’) were used to whittle or plane wood, and flakes displaying spurs were used to incise bone or antler.’
    • ‘Final trimming is done with a spokeshave, set for a fine cut.’
    • ‘Booth & Mills, makers of braces, bits, spokeshaves, screwdrivers, squares, saw pads, and such displayed along with other manufactures, their products at trade fairs.’
    • ‘The evening's competition was for an interesting tool, and was won by Rosemary Gyles, with a 100-year-old spokeshave.’
    • ‘Other blade tools, such as denticulates and spokeshaves, have multiple, deep, retouched notches and probably functioned as shredders or, possibly, as whittling implements.’
    • ‘J. Harlan Spear designed and made or commissioned a large variety of spokeshaves and scrapers between 1891 and 1907 and perhaps later.’


[with object]
  • Shape with a spokeshave.

    ‘spokeshave the angle on the underside’
    • ‘The spindles and legs are again spokeshaved but secured into position with wedges.’
    • ‘If I'm carving or spokeshaving small details, I want the work up in my eyes, and then use a smaller vise on the end of a stick held by the large vise.’
    • ‘The spindles, made from oak, are spokeshaved and tenoned using various spokeshaves.’
    • ‘Rather than make the top an ordinary rectangle, I put some mild curves on the sides which give it a ‘butterfly’ shape and spokeshaved some chamfers on the underneath of the table’
    • ‘After the backs are cut to shape, they are all spokeshaved and sanded by hand to 1200 grit.’
    • ‘The fuselage frame was made from timber, most likely cedar, which was neatly scarfed at the joints and secured with metal clips and a bolt, while the vertical struts were spokeshaved to enhance streamlining.’
    • ‘The legs were rough cut with a bandsaw and spokeshaved to final curve, lots of fun getting them all the same.’
    • ‘I also added the headstock ‘wings’, and have been spokeshaving myself a neck profile.’
    • ‘I hand planed, or spokeshaved, all of the surfaces, but then had to hand sand afterwards as the surface is not as smooth off the plane as usual.’
    • ‘Handscrews can also be useful for holding irregular-shaped pieces for carving or spokeshaving work.’
    • ‘The curves of the legs were carved with a spokeshave, and the curves of the skirt planed and spokeshaved.’
    • ‘I roughly spokeshaved a couple of blanks and put them in a pot on the Coleman stove.’
    • ‘When the glue is thoroughly set the corner block is sawn and spokeshaved to the desired shape as shown by the dotted line.’