Definition of spoiling tactic in English:

spoiling tactic


  • A strategy designed to obstruct or prevent the success of a project, opponent, etc.

    ‘the home side, frustrated by the Wasps' strong defence, resorted to spoiling tactics’
    • ‘Crucially, Burke struck early to thwart those spoiling tactics.’
    • ‘We probably lost that final because we tried to play too much football while they employed a lot of spoiling tactics.’
    • ‘But it must also be said that Hussein's spoiling tactics may have suited him but ruined the entertainment for the capacity crowd.’
    • ‘Unable to win widespread support, they are reduced to spoiling tactics.’
    • ‘He was apparently taken aback when the right-wing, anti-tax, anti-welfare elites of eastern Europe attacked him for his spoiling tactics at the summit.’
    • ‘In that time they used every cynical spoiling tactic in the book to both disrupt and wind the Arsenal players up and knock them out of their stride.’
    • ‘The spoiling tactics used by both fighters caused the fight to be dour and untidy.’
    • ‘There isn't much Pearce hasn't seen in his 20 years in the game and he wasn't about to condemn Sheffield for their spoiling tactics.’
    • ‘It wouldn't surprise anyone to learn that the company's arch-rival might be planning such a spoiling tactic.’
    • ‘Now perhaps all the counties can get back to playing good open football and forget about the over-reliance on spoiling tactics and team huddles.’