Definition of spoiler in English:



  • 1A person or thing that spoils something.

    ‘it is a sad thing that so many so-called book lovers are book spoilers’
    • ‘That really interests me as as a spoiler and a tension builder at the same time.’
    • ‘The story, simply and without spoilers, is of a French Army Captain and his wife, who are blissfully married.’
    • ‘If this doesn't sound like a very inviting synopsis, you can consult the back of the DVD cover for a more thrilling one: It contains a massive spoiler, but it makes the story sound a lot more exciting and gritty.’
    • ‘I won't drop spoilers in the first post as I really liked not having a clue about what the film was about.’
    • ‘There are no spoilers in this post, because for now I'm mainly interested in persuading you to go see it.’
    • ‘After all, so many people have read the books that spoilers aren't true spoilers.’
    • ‘If you've not seen it, there's nothing I can say that's not a spoiler.’
    • ‘The title of the movie is a spoiler, and so is the entire raison d'être - it's a revenge thriller, everyone knows what's going to happen.’
    • ‘Incidentaly, this all fits in very nicely with a spoiler I read a while ago - if it plays out it should be a good movie.’
    • ‘A theatrical trailer in anamorphic widescreen features some spoilers.’
    • ‘Put some space between the spoiler warning and the actual spoiler.’
    • ‘But then again, if you've never seen the original film or read the book, spoilers are the least of your problems.’
    • ‘It's a difficult film to review without spoilers but here's my try.’
    • ‘If this happened in the trailer, we'd call it a spoiler.’
    • ‘It also contains many spoilers about how the story is resolved.’
    • ‘And no, I don't think that was a spoiler because without the context, the line makes no sense.’
    • ‘One caveat: the feature lets loose with spoilers aplenty for later seasons, including several major developments.’
    • ‘Without giving away too many spoilers, even though we are deep into the story's endgame by this stage, I'll give you a rundown of what has been added or changed.’
    • ‘For example, here's another spoiler: there's another episode that deals with a bomb placed in a cricket ball at a home counties cricket match.’
    • ‘If you want to read a complete review with more spoilers, then look elsewhere.’
    1. 1.1(especially in a political context) a person who obstructs or prevents an opponent's success while having no chance of winning a contest themselves.
      ‘he is perceived as a genuine factor in the presidential election, a certified political spoiler’
      • ‘He won 301 votes in the Electoral College, to 191 for Humphrey and 46 for George Wallace, yet another Southern spoiler.’
    2. 1.2A news story published to divert attention from and reduce the impact of a similar item published elsewhere.
      ‘the paper ran a spoiler’
      news item, news report, article, feature, piece
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    3. 1.3A description of an important plot development in a television show, film, or book which if previously known may reduce surprise or suspense for a first-time viewer or reader.
      • ‘Put some space between the spoiler warning and the actual spoiler.’
      • ‘That's all I can write without creating potential spoilers.’
      • ‘I will try to keep this review as free of spoilers as possible, but the nature of the film requires some revelation.’
      • ‘Still waiting for season 2 dvd to arrive, so no spoilers please.’
      • ‘Expect some spoilers about the film.’
      • ‘Lots of spoilers here and not very interesting to watch.’
      • ‘There be spoilers ahead, although it's a documentary, so I don't know how much of it is really a spoiler.’
      • ‘Let me give you one instance of how Levin structures suspense (no spoilers ahead, I promise) from the first part of the film.’
      • ‘Either stop putting spoilers in your featurettes or plaster a huge spoiler warning at the beginning.’
      • ‘Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't read this week's Radio Times.’
      • ‘The story is always moving forward, and was so engaging that I resented the "spoilers" on the back of the box.’
      • ‘For those who have seen the first four seasons, even describing the plot set-up that occurs during the first couple of episodes would involve some major spoilers.’
      • ‘The decreasing number of spoilers, accurate or not, hasn't lessened the enthusiasm of the online community to see the show on TV.’
      • ‘The finale is where the true incredulity is borne, as our hero (spoiler alert!)’
      • ‘Spoiler alert: there are lots of explosions.’
      • ‘I hope that wasn't a spoiler for those who haven't seen any romances in the last 30 years.’
      • ‘The trailer is much the worse for wear, and gives a mix of spoilers and outright disinformation.’
      • ‘They're still putting warnings about spoiler in front of the interviews.’
      • ‘Explaining more would require spoilers, which I'm not going to indulge in here.’
      • ‘A theatrical trailer in anamorphic widescreen features some spoilers.’
  • 2A flap on the wing of an aircraft which can be projected in order to create drag and so reduce speed.

    1. 2.1A structure on a motor vehicle intended to improve roadholding when travelling at very high speeds.
      • ‘So he removed the boot spoiler which was on the 7 - Series.’
      • ‘There wasn't a spoiler or an alloy wheel in sight.’
      • ‘Thankfully, the car is aerodynamically stable without the addition of an outrageous spoiler which has featured on some fast Fords in the past.’
  • 3An electronic device for preventing unauthorized copying of sound recordings by means of a disruptive signal inaudible on the original.