Definition of spodic in English:



Soil Science
  • Denoting a soil horizon rich in aluminium oxide and organic matter and typically also containing iron oxide, produced by percolating water.

    • ‘In comparison, in an upland sandy soil the spodic horizon is much thinner and poorly developed, and the area below that horizon is a colored sandy layer, rather than gray.’
    • ‘The spodic horizon can be destroyed under cultivation, particularly if lime and nitrogen are applied.’
    • ‘It is reasonable to expect the spodic horizon to influence pond hydrology and chemistry.’
    • ‘The spodic horizon is characterized by an accumulation of organic material and/or iron and aluminium.’
    • ‘It is perched above the spodic horizon early in the summer rainy season and after heavy rainfall in other seasons.’


1960s: from Greek spodos ‘ashes’ + -ic.