Definition of splittism in English:



mass noun
  • (among communists, or in communist countries) the pursuance of factional interests in opposition to official Communist Party policy.

    • ‘Mixing this article together with a reference to Lenin's article ‘Left Wing Communism’ Straw accused Trotsky of ‘factionalism,’ ‘splittism,’ ‘ultra-leftism,’ and ‘wider infantile disorders.’’
    • ‘The most prominent threats were listed as ‘infiltration and sabotage by hostile overseas forces’, ‘disturbance by nationalist splittism forces’ and ‘religious extremists and terrorists’.’
    • ‘And the ‘splittism’ of the Left is partially a result of the fact that we really do believe in what we say.’
    • ‘‘Their intention is to advocate splittism under the pretext of a different interpretation,’ Zhu told reporters.’