Definition of split the vote in English:

split the vote


  • (of a candidate or minority party) attract votes from another candidate or party with the result that both are defeated by a third.

    • ‘Progressives across the country were presented with an old problem - vote for a less-than-perfect Democrat, or support a noble but doomed protest candidate and risk splitting the vote.’
    • ‘The major problem the Democrats had is that no less than three Democrats ran for the office, splitting the vote and media attention between them.’
    • ‘It is a crying shame we couldn't all come together to avoid splitting the vote.’
    • ‘His decision to stand as an Independent split the vote, allowing Mr Exley to win the seat with 1,607 votes.’
    • ‘She stood as an Independent instead, splitting the vote.’
    • ‘If one prefers party A or B, but never C, then under the current system one must choose A or B and split the vote.’
    • ‘And instead of two or three parties opposing the ruling party, there were six or seven or eight opposing the ruling party and they split their vote terribly.’
    • ‘I was on the verge of winning and he split the vote.’
    • ‘The very fact that they could succeed in splitting the vote was indicative of a general degeneration and fragmentation of the Left.’
    • ‘The danger is that they may split the vote and drag each other down.’