Definition of split the ticket (or one's vote) in English:

split the ticket (or one's vote)


  • Vote for candidates of more than one party.

    • ‘In the presidential election, we must not split our vote between Greens and Democrats.’
    • ‘Having two votes, a citizen could now split his vote and avoid this dilemma.’
    • ‘A hundred thousand expats could only add a percentage point or two to a list's total, especially since they will split their vote among several lists.’
    • ‘He acknowledged that political parties did not encourage tactical voting in their campaign strategies, but sophisticated voters could split their vote.’
    • ‘Luckily, in New Zealand, we can split our vote, which makes the electoral dynamic rather different than under a first past the post system.’
    • ‘So I voted a few times and split my vote between them.’
    • ‘I will probably split my vote as I did last time by voting for a candidate chosen for personal qualities but voting for a different party.’
    • ‘Divided government comes from centrist voters who split the ticket to achieve their desired ideological mix.’
    • ‘The Academy rarely splits the ticket, so I think he'll get both statues.’
    • ‘Both the Senate and the presidential campaigns are tied together somewhat, although there will be people that will split the ticket.’