Definition of split shift in English:

split shift


  • A working shift comprising two or more separate periods of duty in a day.

    • ‘Metrobus claimed Samwu has retracted some of its extra demands but has retained one pertaining to ‘spread-over’ shifts - split shifts with a long break during the day.’
    • ‘More Irish employees work split shifts than in any of the old EU's 15 states, with 14.8% reporting they have a break of at least four hours in the middle of their working time.’
    • ‘Drivers were demanding regular 7.6-hour shifts, instead of split shifts that ranged from 4 to 10 hours long.’
    • ‘Unless they are defeated, the supermarket chains will impose a contract that creates a lower tier of newly hired workers, working split shifts with reduced wages and benefits and with no pension rights.’
    • ‘It called on the government to introduce greater flexibility in working conditions, including the introduction of split shifts and an increased use of casual labour.’
    • ‘I prefer to have the forwarders right behind us, and ideally they should run the same number of hours on split shifts as the harvester operators.’
    • ‘Now most kids with such severe problems end up in ‘one-on-one’ care, with staff watching over them in split shifts, day and night.’
    • ‘In split shifts that began at 9 in the morning and concluded at midnight, I pried open mountains of scallops and helped with everything from breaking down rabbit carcasses to cleaning mushrooms.’
    • ‘Previously he estimated he did 72 hours a week, but that work included split shifts and getting home at around 3 a.m. every morning after the pub shuts.’
    • ‘BA engineers, like the check-in staff, believe that the swipe cards will be used to force them to work split shifts, disrupting their family lives.’
    • ‘The company has guaranteed that the new system will not be used to introduce split shifts or annualise hours for staff who do not wish to be employed on that basis.’
    • ‘It's also a 14-hours-a-day, six-days-a-week job with split shifts that affect family life.’
    • ‘Since then, the Entins have been working split shifts, so that one of them can take care of their young son, Logan, while the other is working.’
    • ‘The operation runs on split shifts, and Timbco took the 820 back to its plant in the early fall to make some of the changes JSD had suggested, so the crew had only put 700 hours on it by December.’
    • ‘Horvath's initial piece was titled ‘War Time Training,’ and concerned fitting in a workout during ‘the hectic days of swing shifts, graveyard shifts, split shifts.’’
    • ‘Raymond and I are like ships in the night as we both work opposite split shifts in the restaurant so one of us is with the children, but our expansion plans continue.’
    • ‘Many parents of modest means minimize child-care costs by working split shifts or asking relatives to care for their children; only about half of two-earner families with children under age 13 pay for child care.’
    • ‘Hospitals, for example, often required nurses in their employ to live in a nurses' residence so they would be available for emergencies or because of split shifts.’
    • ‘They work a 44-hour basic week with variable hours from 6.30 am at the earliest to 12.30 am at the latest with an array of early, middle, late or split shifts.’
    • ‘It has taken a while for MacPhee's operators to get onto the split shift system, but the contractor feels that it is working well.’


split shift