Definition of split ring in English:

split ring


  • A small steel ring with two spiral turns, such as a key ring.

    • ‘The factory rigging of split rings and trebles are inferior, but no one has designed a better spoon for serious chunking in Texas bays.’
    • ‘It seats the split rings of the obturating mechanism when they expand under pressure in firing.’
    • ‘At the other end, add a 3/0 Mustad oval split ring.’
    • ‘Put a swivel at the main line end and either a heavy duty split ring or either a Berkley or Sampo snap swivel at the other, so that the wire tippet can be easily removed.’
    • ‘Talley's vertically split rings have long been a favorite with custom gunmakers and are becoming more widely available.’
    • ‘The puny hooks and light split rings can open on a really big sow; for this reason, the thin-minnow plug may not be the best choice in the quest for a ‘double-digit’ trophy.’
    • ‘I like to use a carp anglers big bore link-ledger bead, with a Mustad oval split ring passed through the link eye to attach the lead, instead of a running swivel and link.’
    • ‘Now close the crimps to leave the swivel sat about 2-ins above the split ring.’
    • ‘The rig clip is also used as a lead attachment in the same manner as a split ring.’
    • ‘Slide either a carp anglers link ledger bead with a Mustad oval split ring added or a link swivel on to the end of the leader, add a 5mm plastic bead, then tie on a size 4 rolling swivel.’
    • ‘Any lure with suspect split rings and puny trebles should not be used in this high-stakes game; many grand bass are lost each spring by anglers using flimsy trappings that open against real fish.’
    • ‘So whatever the reason, spraying plugs with WD to preserve the hooks, split rings and metal work on a plug is not something which will detract from the effectiveness of an expensive fish catcher.’
    • ‘To the middle eye of the three way clip on a Mustad 2/0 oval split ring which takes the lead weight.’
    • ‘My well laid plan of bed at 10 pm of course went unnoticed as I was still looking for hooks and split rings strong enough to hold the world's strongest fighting freshwater fish, at 4am!’
    • ‘Take 30-inches of 60 lb mono and tie on a split ring or link at the end for attaching the weight to.’
    • ‘It does cost you a lead and a split ring with each cast but you can use the rig in an alternative way by using the 3oz lead attached up the main line by a 4 lb nylon weak link.’