Definition of split one's sides in English:

split one's sides

(North American split a gut)


  • Be convulsed with laughter.

    • ‘This year they will have audiences splitting their sides with laughter with their crazy antics.’
    • ‘They can bring tears or make people split their sides with laughter.’
    • ‘As his costume split its seams, audiences split their sides.’
    • ‘No second-rate seat would have withstood the pressure from two young children bouncing up and down with glee for two hours, splitting their sides and shouting themselves hoarse.’
    • ‘They will be splitting their sides in London over the spectacle of yet another Scottish solution to a Scottish problem.’
    • ‘We want people to come, split their sides laughing and then go home in great form.’
    • ‘The so-called class enemies of capitalists must be splitting their sides.’
    • ‘Everyone split their sides, they were laughing so hard.’
    • ‘I bought the book for my husband - we're both avid campers - and I've nearly split my sides laughing at the encounters with rattlesnakes and bears.’
    • ‘To tell you the truth, we got as much fun from that incident as we did from winning the final, and I'd say whenever we met thereafter rarely an occasion passed when we didn't split our sides.’
    roar with laughter, laugh, guffaw, roar, laugh loudly, howl with laughter, dissolve into laughter, be creased up, be doubled up
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