Definition of split-phase in English:



  • Denoting or relating to an induction motor or other device utilizing two or more voltages at different phases produced from a single-phase supply.

    • ‘Open-loop speed control of the split-phase induction motor in constant torque and power regions has been performed using PSPICE.’
    • ‘Because comparators are generally higher in power and more expensive than logic elements, the need for a new split-phase matched filter has arisen.’
    • ‘The capacitor motor provides a higher starting torque with a lower starting current than the split-phase motor.’
    • ‘A pair of pedestrian heads each having a split-phase facilitate the beam steering such that the appropriate walk or stop hand signal are viewed by the pedestrian at the appropriate location.’
    • ‘How can the split-phase concept be extended to describe the synchronization semantics of the collective functions?’