Definition of split-half in English:



  • attributive Relating to or denoting a technique of splitting a body of supposedly homogeneous data into two halves and calculating the results separately for each to assess their reliability.

    • ‘Reliability was assessed by test-retest and split-half reliability.’
    • ‘These findings are consistent with the fact that the split-half reliability correlations fall well within the 95% confidence intervals for the cross-procedure correlations.’
    • ‘Still, on the positive side, except for the split-half reliability method, more than 25% of the internal consistency studies used sample sizes that were large enough to provide sufficiently precise reliabilities.’
    • ‘Reliability was assessed by examining the split-half reliability utilizing even and odd questions of the LESP.’
    • ‘For those familiar with the split-half method for assessing reliability, alpha has an additional interpretation worth noting.’