Definition of splinter group in English:

splinter group

(also splinter party)


  • A small organization, typically a political party, that has broken away from a larger one.

    ‘a splinter group of the Socialist Party’
    • ‘Fortunately, the two of them have to split up to investigate rumours that a political splinter group is manufacturing a clone army.’
    • ‘Of course what's going to happen now is a splinter group of the splinter group will emerge calling itself the Realest IRA.’
    • ‘A splinter group, the Freedom Party, have a councillor in South Staffordshire.’
    • ‘The hospital occupation on January 24 was an act of desperation by an armed group known as the God's Army, a small splinter group from the Karen National Union.’
    • ‘After the Liberal Party left the coalition in April 2000, Prime Minister Mori welcomed a Liberal Party splinter group, the New Conservative Party, into the ruling coalition.’
    • ‘Among the Sadrists is the Da'wah Iraq Organization, a splinter group that broke off from the al-Da'wah Party and which reveres the two maryred Sadrs, a representative of which will attend.’
    • ‘Two years ago, at the age of 43, Mamata Banerjee, right, split from the Congress party to form a splinter group, the Trinamool Congress.’
    • ‘There are suspicions about how Republican Sinn Fein, a splinter group, was able to summon such huge numbers.’
    • ‘TWO men were involved in a protection racket to raise funds for the dissident republican splinter group, the Continuity IRA, a court heard yesterday.’
    • ‘The cat, Thomas, belonged to gun-wielding Padraic, who formed his own splinter group of the INLA because ‘he was too mad to be let into the IRA’.’
    • ‘While one assault was perpetrated in the West Bank by a small splinter group, the violence had subsided and it appeared as if serious negotiations would resume.’
    • ‘The Real IRA had already been formed by a splinter group which opposed Sinn Fein's move towards participation in government.’
    • ‘I do not think that the BBC would provide a soap box to a fringe splinter group of the National Front or any other fascist party at all.’
    • ‘Abbas - real name Mohammed Abbas - drew international attention when the liner was seized off Egypt by members of his PLO splinter group.’
    • ‘But the mass unemployment of the 1980s, the election of Mrs Thatcher and the poll tax sent him leftwards, into the Young Socialists and then the left-wing splinter group, the Militants.’
    • ‘The weapons were to be used by the Continuity IRA, a republican splinter group opposed to the peace process.’
    • ‘A car bomb explosion 15 miles from Drumcree, which damaged an RUC station and a number of buildings, was attributed to the anti-Agreement splinter group, the Real IRA.’
    • ‘His hero, ‘mad Padraic ‘, is a dangerously loose cannon who has already formed his own splinter group within the INLA.’’
    • ‘The D66 came into existence as a liberal splinter group from the VVD in 1966.’
    clique, coterie, caucus, cabal, bloc, camp, group, grouping, side, sector, section, wing, arm, branch, division, contingent, set, ring, lobby
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splinter group