Definition of splinter bar in English:

splinter bar


  • another term for swingletree
    • ‘While looking down I noticed the left support brace for my seat was swinging loose from the splinter bar.’
    • ‘Oddly, according to official regulations and manuals no provision was made to carry spare swindle trees and splinter bars.’
    • ‘He let us know of his dissatisfaction by kicking out at the splinter bars behind him.’
    • ‘It is not known that there exists one good reason for attachment to the splinter bar, or why a barbaric and antiquated method should be longer adhered to.’
    • ‘A chart giving the correct lengths and heights for poles and splinter bars and a table for shaft lengths and widths is exceptionally valuable.’
    • ‘The splinter bar is equipped with eyebolts to facilitate a one or two horse pull.’
    • ‘The splinter bar serves for hitching the wheel horses, and has for this purpose four trace hooks.’