Definition of spline in English:



  • 1A rectangular key fitting into grooves in the hub and shaft of a wheel, especially one formed integrally with the shaft which allows movement of the wheel on the shaft.

    • ‘Engineered to maintain original GM dimensions and process parameters, these axles are induction hardened and feature a 100-percent machined shaft and precision nobbed splines.’
    • ‘A torsional load could be created if a force is applied at the tooth and an opposite force is applied at the splines.’
    • ‘UAW Local 2101 represents 17 workers at Wedin, where they manufacture ball screws, nuts, gears, shafts, splines and motion-control systems.’
    • ‘Using the concave roller to carefully roll the spline into the groove over the screen.’
    • ‘The cotter pin missed the male spline on the flap motor.’
    • ‘The splines slid smoothly into the oiled hub of the lock.’
    • ‘A chromoly rod pinch bolt on the non-driveside arm grips the 46 splines of the tubular axle.’
    • ‘This means visually aligning the splines on the bottom bracket with the crank isn't an option - making installation testy.’
    • ‘All along the east side of the floor is an external slatted screen of oak shutters supported on a semi-independent frame of oak members flitched to stainless-steel splines.’
    • ‘The male housing also includes splines which align with grooves on the female housing.’
    1. 1.1 A corresponding groove in a hub along which the key may slide.
      • ‘The hydraulic disc brakes are small and light, and the rotors fit onto splines on lightweight hubs.’
  • 2A slat of wood, metal, etc.

    • ‘Run a sharp utility knife or single-edge razor blade between the spline and the metal frame to cut off excess screening.’
    1. 2.1 A flexible wood or rubber strip used especially in drawing large curves.
      • ‘Therefore, there is more flexibility in the fitted splines than is strictly necessary to model the data.’
      • ‘The great power of ISIS-Drive's open standard is also its weakness - the tapered spline requires great care to produce and the ISIS standard leaves manufacturing open to interpretation in some respects.’
  • 3Mathematics
    A continuous curve constructed so as to pass through a given set of points and have a certain number of continuous derivatives.

    • ‘Two generally accepted numerical approaches for obtaining this derivative are the spline fitting method and the incremental polynomial method.’
    • ‘The data was therefore fit nonparametrically to a smooth curve using the Dierckx algorithm for cubic spline curve fitting.’
    • ‘Garrett was quick to recommend the use of cubic splines for the representation of smooth curves.’
    • ‘Did you know that the most pleasing shape to man is the spline curve?’
    • ‘The 3D curves are incorporated into a wire part, and the curve elements are straight lines, arcs, circles, spline curves, spirals and curves on surfaces.’


  • 1 Secure (a part) by means of a spline:

    ‘the clutch units are splined on to the mainshaft’
    • ‘The inner rotor portion of the pump is splined to one output on the axle and the outer drum portion of the pump is splined to the other.’
    1. 1.1usually as adjective splined Fit with a spline:
      ‘splined freewheels’
      • ‘Schwinn puts a lot of attention into a solid parts spec for the Moab - TruVativ's Firex ISIS splined crank is definitely built to take abuse.’
      • ‘I want to replace my BB / Crank with a splined version, but the spindle is offered in 113 mm.’
      • ‘The axle housing is a square carbon fiber tube containing individual elastomeric elements on a splined shaft.’
      • ‘With Shimano, I have never heard of either the BB or the crank breaking since the advent of the splined bottom bracket.’
      • ‘In one of your past Q&A columns, you stated that you haven't heard of a Shimano splined crank breaking.’
      • ‘That combination creates a lighter, stiffer crankset than older square-taper spindles and uses Shimano's widely available ES - 70 splined bottom bracket.’
      • ‘The WCS is priced $50 below either of those rivals, but still uses Shimano's Octalink splined bottom bracket with hollow spindle.’
      • ‘At the 105 level, Shimano employs many of its top-end Dura-Ace and Ultegra crank tricks, specifically Hollowtech hollow-forged aluminum arms and splined Octalink crank/bottom bracket interface.’
      • ‘The splined interface accepts the rotor much like freehub accepts the cassette - just slide the rotor on and cinch-down using a single lock-ring.’


Mid 18th century (originally East Anglian dialect): perhaps related to splinter.