Definition of splenial in English:



  • See splenium

    • ‘Similarly, we suggest that the medial foramen is represented by a large foramen in the splenial, just ventral to its contact with the adsymphysial.’
    • ‘The inner surface was still controlled by the archaic splenial, sometimes multiple splenials, as well as the coronoids.’
    • ‘Posteriorly, the mesial lamina of the splenial is firmly sutured onto the anterior end of the prearticular.’
    • ‘The mandibular lateral line canal runs anteriorly along the ventral surface of the splenial and postsplenial to open onto the symphysis.’
    • ‘A mesial parasymphysial foramen is present and is bordered by the parasymphysial plate, anterior coronoid, and the mesial lamina of the splenial, identical to the configuration seen in Ventastega.’