Definition of spleenwort in English:



  • A small fern which grows in rosettes on rocks and walls, typically with rounded or triangular lobes on a slender stem. Spleenworts were formerly used to treat disorders of the spleen.

    Genus Asplenium, family Aspleniaceae

    • ‘Others are maidenhair spleenwort, two kinds of polypody, and walking fern.’
    • ‘And did you know, for example, that the Parkland Walk contains such uncommon plants as ‘toadflax, black spleenwort and common broomrape’?’
    • ‘Species of the eastern deciduous forest are northern maidenhair, maidenhair spleenwort, and oak fern.’
    • ‘Ferns, lichens and mosses are good choices for a spot with poor natural light, as are Swedish ivy, bird nest sansevieriea, and maidenhead spleenwort.’
    • ‘Enclosing the garden will be a traditional dry stone wall planted with native Irish plants - yarrow, thrift, heart's tongue fern and maiden hair spleenwort.’