Definition of splay in English:



[with object]
  • 1Thrust or spread (things, especially limbs or fingers) out and apart.

    ‘her hands were splayed across his broad shoulders’
    ‘he stood with his legs and arms splayed out’
    • ‘His legs are splayed out, one stretching behind him in a straight line, the other knee bent and lying on something that seems to have broken his fall.’
    • ‘With three midwives, a doctor, my mother and Lucas in the room, my legs were splayed and my mind focused on staying calm and pushing (Dad and Natasha were outside waiting).’
    • ‘To do so requires that their legs are splayed quite far apart in order for them to bring their head to ground level.’
    • ‘Its wings were splayed as if for flight, but they were not flapping.’
    • ‘It moved along my arm, splaying my fingers against its palm then nuzzling my wrist.’
    • ‘One type of bird had a bit of an ungainly way of carrying itself in flight, splaying its legs out as it went and wobbling a bit.’
    • ‘And I'm still dancing, but my arms are getting sore, held above my head, splayed little fingers drawing circles in the air.’
    • ‘They don't bash their heads against the divider - they just splay their fins and the little ruff around their neck, and stare challengingly at one another.’
    • ‘Sharma's feet were splayed, set apart from each other in disgrace, his work unfinished.’
    • ‘Then he moves closer to me and splays his fingers across my cheek, cupping it with a force that is both gentle and firm.’
    • ‘The legs are splayed and the figure is ‘caught’ in a semisplit position.’
    • ‘In many of these collages, the nude female splays her legs while she wields a camera as if to return the gaze directed at her.’
    • ‘He merely lifted a cautious hand and splayed the fingers out across Keithran's throat, tracing them over the dark bruises that circled it like a collar.’
    • ‘Nan could not speak but splayed her fingers out, gazing at her nails to express her gratitude.’
    • ‘Then Tanjabar put his right hand out in front of him, splayed his fingers and, lo, green light issued out of his fingers joining together to form a horizontal green line.’
    • ‘Nicole splayed her fingers out over her abdomen, and closed her eyes.’
    • ‘He sat down beside the redhead, grabbing his picking hand and splaying his fingers gently.’
    • ‘She found them still pleasantly warm from the afternoon sun, and splayed her hands, letting the grains drift over her fingers.’
    • ‘Her feathered, honey-blond hair is splayed around her, her lips are glossy, and her white halter dress and heels present a doll-like plasticity.’
    • ‘It was her gently splayed fingers that first drew my attention to her hands, long pallid fingers curving to knob-like ends.’
    spread, broaden, widen, get wider, expand
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    1. 1.1no object (especially of limbs or fingers) be thrust or spread out and apart.
      ‘his legs splayed out in front of him’
      • ‘The viewer sees over the shoulder of one woman, whose fingers splay emotionally in the fore-ground, to the others squatting on the ground.’
      • ‘She bent her legs and wiggled her entire body in a jerky motion, flicking her long fingers outward, while her wooden silk hair splayed out around her as the crimson ribbon was lost.’
      • ‘His other hand reached around her back and his fingers splayed out against the soft, exposed skin of her hip.’
      • ‘The bright yellow hair splayed out around him as his head rolled slightly.’
      • ‘His fingers splayed over the clacker, and then he scrapped his fingernails over it, trying to move it further towards him.’
      • ‘His hands splayed open on his knees looking strong and capable to Maura.’
      • ‘Energy explodes from torsos, courses through limbs, and shoots out fingers splayed, reflexively, like a child's.’
      • ‘It wrapped around the girls making their skirts ruffle and their hair splay over their faces.’
      • ‘Its legs splayed out, occasionally twitching, and its dead body quickly began to stink of rotting Scourge.’
      • ‘But her long legs splayed out spread eagle, and her dress up to her waist.’
      • ‘He was a big influence on Michael Richards - when Kramer enters a room, his rubbery legs and arms splaying almost out of control, he's partially channeling Tati.’
      • ‘She was finished rolling up and used her hands to brush loose crumbs from her lap, the fingers splaying and the palms resting gently on the swell of her stomach before sweeping down toward her knees.’
      • ‘His fingers and toes splayed out, his tail arced, bracing for impact.’
      • ‘She smiled as her fingers splayed against the silk and lace creation as she held it against her pajama clad body.’
      fully extended, outstretched, stretched out, spread out, fanned out, splayed out, expanded, unfolded, unfurled, open, open wide, wide open, opened out
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    2. 1.2no object Become wider or more separated.
      ‘the river splayed out, deepening to become an estuary’
      • ‘The rear set of wings was almost nonexistent and the tail's ‘fin’ was beginning to lengthen in the middle while the sides splayed outward.’
      • ‘Di Giorgio Martini's fortress walls splay outwards, down to the sea to repel marauding buccaneers.’
      • ‘Entrance is through a stout east-facing wooden door, beyond which the flagstone hallway splays three ways.’
    3. 1.3usually as adjective splayed Construct (a window, doorway, or other aperture) so that it diverges or is wider at one side of the wall than the other.
      ‘the walls are pierced by splayed window openings’
      • ‘The walls, built of coursed red stone, stand almost 4 m. high with two doorways and five splayed windows.’
      • ‘The splayed overhanging eastern wall of the bedroom above concatenates this diagonal tension, while the raised living area closes and holds the space back.’
      • ‘The bands form a matrix for a mathematically calculated grid of deeply recessed and splayed bays each containing windows of different sizes.’
      • ‘The main entrance to Hillyfields is now through an access set between splayed walls which are constructed across the disputed strip almost up to the edge of the metalled driveway.’
      • ‘Its outwardly splayed north edge set against its concrete escape tower provides a vertical accent to balance the dominant horizontal.’
      • ‘The jury singled it out for its spatial surprises, ‘including a splaying of demising walls to broaden exterior views.’’
      • ‘If you want to maximize the amount of light coming into the room, make the ceiling opening larger than the roof opening and connect them with a splayed light shaft; you can splay any or all shaft walls.’
      • ‘People who live on rural/semi-rural routes and have splayed entrances should leave the bin out where it is visible to the driver on approach.’
      • ‘Only about seven stories of the north tower were still in place, the girders splayed.’


  • 1A tapered widening of a road at an intersection to increase visibility.

    • ‘Butcher John Sumbler said that when Kelham Gardens was built a number of parking spaces in London Road were lost when a visibility splay for the new estate was provided as a highway requirement.’
    • ‘He said that to provide a satisfactory visibility splay the access would have to protrude into and take up virtually half the width of Wilcot Road.’
    • ‘There was an agreement between the county council and the firm that parking would be allowed on the access road in return for taking up a number of parking spaces in London Road for a visibility splay.’
    • ‘One thing they did like was reducing the width of the splays at the entrance to side roads along Brickley Lane.’
  • 2A surface making an oblique angle with another, especially a splayed window or other aperture.

    • ‘Fluvial-dominated deltas have elongate bodies of channel sands enclosed in inter-channel muds and peats with their crevasse splays of sand produced when the river escapes from its channel in times of flood.’
    • ‘In Thailand, the metamorphic core complexes lie north of the Mae Ping Fault zone in the middle of the region of north-south and NE-SW splays.’
    • ‘The fault breaks into many splays near the surface, forming a flower structure, some strands of which show normal displacements and some of which show thrust and strike-slip displacements.’
    • ‘The high proportion of relief/abandoned channels and crevasse splays might therefore simply reflect the numerical abundance of these deposits containing plant fossils.’
    • ‘It is possible that the rotation of the dykes is associated with strike-slip splays curving from the tip of the active transform.’
    • ‘The A’ Chailleach Fault is a splay of the steep part of the Ben More Thrust that propagated to the SE and forms part of a set of late, minor NW-SE-trending faults.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, several clear and important trends of probable Tertiary faults are present on satellite images; in particular, the two NW-SE splays and a NNW-SSE trend marked a, b and c in Figure 5.’
    • ‘The Klima fault zone has been active since deposition of the Plio-Pleistocene Galini Formation through Holocene time as smaller-scale fault splays penetrate the modern, scree-covered surface.’
    • ‘The matrix from Fish Hut above Dutch Gap is darker, organic-rich clay containing significant sand and mica, suggesting a crevasse splay, where sand was deposited on the floodplain after a levee break.’
    • ‘Adjacent to splays of the Picton Fault, mesoscopic kink and chevron folds are abundant in the schist, and its main foliation is locally overturned.’
    • ‘The presence of abundant fault splays, the along-strike changes in dip magnitude and direction, and the breadth of the fault zone may indicate a negative flower structure.’
    • ‘Beds of sandstone in splays represent multiple reactivation events and range in thickness from centimeters to more than a meter.’
    • ‘To create the splay, the maker attached a thick block to the bottom of the chest, beveled its bottom to the desired angle, and screwed the leg to the block by means of a threaded dowel.’
    • ‘Apart from the splay where the driveway meets Woodhill Lane the width of the current metalled surface of the driveway is a uniform 9 feet.’
    • ‘The subsequent Late Griesbachian rift event involved faulting along splays of the basin-margin faults, causing fragmentation of the original wide blocks and intrabasinal fault-block rotation.’
    • ‘The north-south-striking fault zone splays show significant variations in the ages of exposed rocks juxtaposed across the faults.’
    1. 2.1mass noun The degree of bevel or slant of a surface.
      • ‘Negative splay thus increases and positive splay decreases the monolayer thickness.’
      • ‘We calculated the energy of splay and tilt deformations necessary to avoid such hydrophobic exposure.’
      • ‘The degree of splay is inconsistent even from leg to leg on the same chest.’


  • usually in combination Turned outward or widened.

    ‘the girls were sitting splay-legged’


Middle English (in the sense ‘unfold to view, display’): shortening of the verb display.