Definition of splashy in English:



  • 1Characterized by water splashing about.

    ‘a splashy waterfall’
    • ‘Pitter-patter - show your baby how to pat his hands on the surface of the water to make a nice splashy sound.’
    • ‘Mulling over the answer made me think about the couple dozen or so desperate or simply fed up folks who succeed in tossing themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge each year, making for a splashy exit.’
    • ‘In he jumped, goggles on, and then proceeded to plough through the water doing a very bad and splashy front crawl.’
    • ‘There was a rather large and splashy woman next to me, and every time she passed me it was like a Tsunami wave hitting me.’
    • ‘Earlier I had asked Long what it felt like to be the artist chosen to open Tate Modern - one of the 57-year-old's splashy mud pieces was exhibited facing Claude Monet's paintings of waterlilies.’
    • ‘Sandy industrial deserts, once home to heavy excavation machinery, are increasingly being emptied and turned into little slices of splashy aquatic paradise.’
    • ‘Riders experience thrills and chills again and again, including a splashy, 60-foot plunge into a lake and a stomach-flipping, negative G-force drop.’
    • ‘The basic red sauce is rich without being splashy.’
    • ‘You don't actually stomp since that'd be splashy and potentially dangerous, but give 'em a good stirring up.’
    • ‘I turned the pump off and wandered out to give the fishes their evening meal, standing to watch as they did their hungry piranha act, churning the surface of the pond into a splashy turmoil.’
    • ‘By 1400 the meaning had broadened to indicate somewhere muddy, and over time came to denote something that was soggy, mushy, splashy or slushy.’
    1. 1.1 Characterized by irregular patches of bright colour.
      ‘splashy floral silks’
      • ‘The brooding rebel was, say the eulogists, like Orson Welles - too big for the splashy, widescreen, Technicolor movies of the 1950s.’
      • ‘Yeah, but that has nothing to do with the splashy display the story was given.’
      • ‘I can't wait for heaven to get hands that work and feet that walk, and I'll not only jump up, dance kick, do aerobics, but I'll paint big, splashy murals.’
      • ‘As Adriana, de Matteo wore a lot of splashy outfits and whined a lot.’
      • ‘After she was prevented from even auditioning for MGM's big Technicolor musical extravaganza The Wizard of Oz, Fox commissioned this splashy Technicolor musical drama.’
      • ‘That's why Waterloo has a quieter, less splashy Pride week than Toronto does.’
      • ‘‘You can now buy a very splashy gemstone necklace for much the same price as a fine fake,’ Bonnar comments.’
      • ‘Poppies have long been a favorite of gardeners for planting in rock gardens and for brightening up splashy borders.’
      • ‘The bright, splashy paint work further adds to the idea of the sculpture being cheerful and full of fun.’
      • ‘Each tab homepage is splashy and features Flash animation.’
      • ‘In August shoppers at Target stores across America began making fashion history by buying affordable and sporty wares in bright, splashy colors from style doyen Mizrahi.’
      • ‘Whereas the first picture was dark and grainy, this one was bright and splashy - just how the MTV generation has been force-fed before.’
      • ‘Knit, leather, denim and couture creations were paraded down the runway by the leggy models in the form of gowns, pantsuits and ensembles that displayed an array of splashy colors.’
      • ‘In addition to this, viewers can enjoy a splashy weekend of special Holi programmes, which will be aired between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. from March 29 to 31.’
      • ‘They use brightly colored cotton prints with splashy, large designs; some also wear tie-dyed, wood-block, or batik prints.’
      • ‘She pointed at Maralynne, though she could as easily have indicated herself; her splashy dress exposed her knobby knees and a good deal of aging breast.’
  • 2informal Attracting a great deal of attention; ostentatiously impressive.

    ‘I don't care for splashy Hollywood parties’
    • ‘Other cross-pollinators include Robert Wyatt, who shoots Prada ads and has a splashy editorial story, ‘Flash of the Titans,’ in the October issue of Harper's Bazaar.’
    • ‘Ever since her splashy coming-out party in her sitcom's ‘Puppy Episode,’ DeGeneres seems to have charged herself with the task of serving as the poster child for the entire gay and lesbian community.’
    • ‘Her performance in Whale Rider was a searing and yet quiet one; nothing loud or splashy, screaming, ‘I'm Oscar worthy!’’
    • ‘The city lurched toward making it an entertainment destination - bars and restaurants and high-end retail made splashy entrances, often subsidized on the taxpayer dime.’
    • ‘The company will launch its new version, AOL 8.0, on Oct. 15 with a splashy New York party featuring Alanis Morissette for 2,000 AOL members.’
    • ‘That said, dairy producers are savvy enough to know that children's influence is more important than ever to final sales, particularly with so many other splashy products vying for their short attention spans.’
    • ‘The space agency arranged a splashy, hi-tech entrance for the president, who strode to the front of a giant video screen beaming an image of Michael Foale, aboard the space station 240 miles above the earth.’
    • ‘And just as a splashy Hollywood premiere attracts attention for a film, a video game's first-week sales can be critical to winning shelf space and retailer support.’
    • ‘Men do not typically like a splashy approach, fancy words and pretty language.’
    • ‘It's a splashy musical that pays no attention to its roots in Montmartre.’
    • ‘A splashy new hotel in Times Square has drawn lots of attention for its colorful and quirky appearance.’
    • ‘‘We don't want to see false fronts; I have no interest in doing splashy things… I want the facts and the circumstance to speak for themselves,’ he said.’
    • ‘The host of the splashy Davos party understands the importance of brand building.’
    • ‘‘But there's too much splashy, flashy fluff out there,’ he added.’
    • ‘And now, ‘Deham’ comes at a time when splashy Indian films, from ‘Lagaan’ to ‘Asoka’, are trying hard to succeed as crossover works.’
    • ‘Make your point of difference the center of your ad, and make it loud and splashy.’
    • ‘For the athlete, if he's lucky, it's a medal, world recognition, splashy endorsement deals, the adoration of millions of compatriots, whatever.’
    • ‘Lapidus became notorious in the 1950s, an era that liked its modernism discreet, for flamboyant hotel designs that were often called gaudy, garish, splashy and colossal.’
    • ‘The new, splashy four-bedroom El Murmullo comes with chef, butler and masseuse on call and ‘complete and utter privacy,’ from $2,700 daily this month.’
    • ‘Right now it is the basis of a big, splashy (it’s, in my view, meretricious) hit musical in London.’
    ostentatious, pretentious, showy, conspicuous, obtrusive, flamboyant, gaudy, garish, tawdry, meretricious, trashy, brash, vulgar, loud, extravagant, fancy, ornate, affected, theatrical, overdone, over-elaborate
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