Definition of spitter in English:



  • 1A person who spits.

    • ‘Just because footballers do it, it would appear that we now have serial spitters.’
    • ‘His gob landed at the twins' feet, exactly where he'd aimed it; Anthony was the best spitter on the Avenue.’
    • ‘The new amendment increased the heaviest fine for spitting in public from 50 yuan to 200 yuan, which has substantially reduced the number of public spitters.’
    • ‘The Chennai Corporation has already asked its Assistant Health Officers and Sanitary Inspectors to crack down on smokers and spitters in public places.’
    • ‘Most servicemen would have given the spitters a mouthful of bloody Chiclets instead of turning the other cheek like Christ.’
    • ‘So, to all you spitters out there: it's gross, disgusting, unhealthy and classless, and every time you do it you look like a trashy hood rat.’
    • ‘For we are a land of spitters and litterers, of indifferent multitude oblivious to hygiene.’
    • ‘The spitter is a retired 50-year-old accountant.’
    • ‘Does he actually think the gum spitters will take more notice of these bins or boards?’
    • ‘There used to be notices against expectorating in public places, though how many accomplished spitters understood them in order to obey can only be guessed.’
    • ‘I've put up with Marvin the spitter; Gavin the hair obsessed guy, Mike the ass that stole from you, and so many more!’
    • ‘The wardens of some of the police court prisons say they have more public spitters in their custody than any other class of offender.’
    • ‘Now, I don't know what this guy is like, because he only moved to the area recently, but I'm working on the assumption that he has to be better than the spitter.’
    • ‘And if the geese and the llamas made the banks of the Bow their home each spring, who would win the turf war, the spitters or the hissers?’
    • ‘If no match is found, the sample will be kept on record and checked against new DNA samples until the spitter is identified.’
  • 2

    another term for spitball (sense 2 of the noun)
    • ‘A lot of the guys that worked there chewed all day long and got in trouble for leaving their spitters on the shelves where they would often get knocked over.’