Definition of spitefully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspʌɪtfʊli//ˈspʌɪtf(ə)li/


  • See spiteful

    • ‘The tabs noted that virtually an entire hour-long episode is dedicated to the consequences of a bowel movement that young Philip spitefully, desperately deposited on the desk of his village schoolteacher.’
    • ‘To be honest, it would feel spitefully delightful to withhold my name from the church's accounting of souls, considering the misery it has inflicted on my kind.’
    • ‘Betty was ‘needy’, craving her daughter's affection to such an extent that Lulu, then still Marie, spitefully withheld it.’
    • ‘While the Arab media mockingly and spitefully spread the news of this expected development, Iraqis were scratching their heads in confusion.’
    • ‘I have zero tolerance of such behaviour and have been known to scowl as spitefully as I can at the perpetrators, especially if they make eye-contact with me, or, god forbid, smile at me.’