Definition of spitballer in English:



North American
  • See spitball

    • ‘In the fifth inning of a tied 1920 game, New York Yankee spitballer Carl Mays faced Cleveland shortstop Ray Chapman, who was crowding the plate.’
    • ‘Maybe it's like how they licensed spitballers after banning it for new pitchers in the 1910s.’
    • ‘Wet spitballers used saliva, pine tar, tobacco juice, resin, mud, Vaseline, grease and the sweat of their brow.’
    • ‘His argument was that umpires weren't doing anything about illegal spitballers, so hitters felt justified in corking their bats.’
    • ‘No new spitballers could come up, but those who had been using the pitch previous to the rule change were allowed to continue using it for the life of their career.’