Definition of spit take in English:

spit take


  • (especially as a comic technique) an act of suddenly spitting out liquid one is drinking in response to something funny or surprising.

    ‘the goofy script and flat characters would never fly without all the spit takes’
    ‘if I'd been drinking something when she said that, I'd have done a spit take’
    • ‘I did a spit take.’
    • ‘Dino takes a sip of the apple juice and does a spit take.’
    • ‘I almost did a spit take.’
    • ‘There's also the likelihood he won't be able to practice on any day after a game this year, a potentiality that would make the coach do a spit take with his Diet Coke.’
    • ‘Surely there are scenes when another actor makes them do a spit take.’
    • ‘A true spit take these days is rare; usually it's done as an ironic gag, an attempt to channel old-style Jerry Lewis hackwork shtick.’
    • ‘It was amazing that neither he nor Denny were hit by Richard's spit take.’
    • ‘Well, this morning I had an honest-to-God spit take - cereal and milk all over the editorial page.’
    • ‘He jokingly did a spit take with his food and then he said, 'Be careful.'’
    • ‘I can still see the look on his face as he nearly did a spit take with his Martini.’
    • ‘If ever real life required a sitcom-style 'spit take'...’