Definition of spit feathers (or tacks) in English:

spit feathers (or tacks)


  • 1Be very thirsty.

  • 2Be very angry.

    • ‘The official's decision to send off Jamie left Nicky spitting feathers.’
    • ‘Spitting feathers, he was about to ask his wife why she hadn't woken him when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed.’
    • ‘Telewest broadband punters are spitting feathers after discovering that the cableco is to start charging for customer support.’
    • ‘Colin Todd was spitting feathers behind a locked dressing room door afterwards.’
    • ‘I could spit feathers of frustration and envy as I potter along unexcitedly in my little car.’
    • ‘Upon hearing the news the Putin regime in Moscow was said to be spitting feathers.’
    • ‘I amspitting feathers after hearing the government is to increase the cost of prescriptions by 15 p.’
    • ‘The reporters at that first press conference were, of course, spitting feathers.’
    • ‘I am told that those in the fishing industry at Fleetwood and Grimsby are spitting feathers.’
    • ‘Driver John Foster was spitting feathers after having six wiper blades pecked to bits in five months.’