Definition of spit (out) the dummy in English:

spit (out) the dummy


  • Behave in a bad-tempered or petulant way.

    • ‘Tuesday it was Lindsay Tanner's turn to spit the dummy and head for the backbench.’
    • ‘So Warren reacts by spitting the dummy and suing!’
    • ‘I spat the dummy (inside my head) and said OK and immediately walked out, waiting for Missy and Mr J to join me outside.’
    • ‘Gould almost spat the dummy and quit last year, twice, in the face of a barrage of attacks and continual sniping from News Ltd.’
    • ‘But the Government, rather than accept this decision, basically spat the dummy.’
    • ‘It hurts when people wonder whether you're telling the truth, and even today I read a piece in a local paper which said that I spat the dummy.’
    • ‘They're so nice about it, and I'm so anxious, that I can't start spitting the dummy down the phone.’
    • ‘But ironically the conduct that led to him spitting the dummy was the evident, gross and habitual bias of insurance company expert medical witnesses.’
    • ‘You have the world's number one bowler deciding to spit the dummy and stay at home because our Prime Minister actually said what many believe.’
    • ‘Putting in a transfer request is a clear case of an agent spitting the dummy.’
    • ‘Or by then Mary might have, like Diana, spat the dummy, thus turning a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale into a Brothers Grimm one.’
    • ‘Wollongong voters spat the dummy at State and local Labor vandalism by recently electing a Green as their MP in Cunningham.’
    • ‘That was not common sense; that was spitting the dummy.’
    • ‘Passed-over internal CEO candidates are well known for spitting the dummy and defecting to a competitor.’
    • ‘So essentially, Channel Nine spat the dummy at the use of this kind of material by a Channel Ten program?’
    • ‘But they obviously liked it, and Mark spits the dummy, says all the performances sucked, and storms off.’
    • ‘The bank spat the dummy over a light but legitimate pasting in BRW over internal discontent toward its management team in general and its managing director in particular.’
    • ‘I have just one criticism of the bill that I think is important, but I was not about to spit the dummy out and throw my teddy bear out of the pram just because I did not get my way on that issue.’
    • ‘There's no point in spitting the dummy and behaving like a spoiled child, for yourself or the team.’
    • ‘‘No wonder she spit the dummy,’ he whispered as Vaun helped the unconscious girl to sit up.’