Definition of spironolactone in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A steroid drug which promotes sodium excretion and is used in the treatment of certain types of oedema and hypertension.

    • ‘For example, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, ARBs, spironolactone and digoxin are probably not necessary in all patients.’
    • ‘About two years before this admission he had developed ascites, and treatment with salt restriction, spironolactone, and frusemide was started.’
    • ‘Recent research has shown that treatment with spironolactone improves mortality and hospital readmission rates.’
    • ‘We restricted our analyses to loop diuretics, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, blockers, spironolactone, and digoxin.’
    • ‘Pharmacologic agents used have included hydrochlorothiazide, spironolactone, furosemide, propranolol, or hydralazine.’


1960s: from spiro- (sense 2) + lactone, with the insertion of -one.